Florence University of the Arts

PROGRAM NAME: Florence University of the Arts

PROGRAM DATES & DEADLINES: Year round programs available.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: South Seattle College students are eligible to apply for a study abroad program to the Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy. Programs are offered throughout the year in a wide range of disciplines. Customized programs for SSC are available. Interested students should explore the available schools and programs and email the SSC Study Abroad Coordinator for more details and applications.

Schools at the Florence University of the Arts (FUA) include:

APICIUS: International School of Hospitality

Featuring dedicated studies in the areas of hospitality, food and wine, Apicius reinterprets the concept of hospitality and tourism in Florence, where the cityscape is teeming with traditional and contemporary structures sought by people from all over the world.

DIVA: Digital Imaging and Visual Arts

DIVA offers studies in digital photography, rich multimedia, videomaking, graphic design, and interior design. Its vision seeks to train students to forge a new light and perspective on 
how digital and visual arts reveal our surroundings.

FAST: Fashion & Accessories Studies & Technology

The academics at FAST aim to bridge the widening gap between design and manual skills in fashion and accessories.  The School sustains the local Florentine traditions of Straw, Leather, and Knit production through artisanal and technologically sustainable labs.

IDEAS: Interior Design, Environmental Architecture & Sustainability

The architecture, design, and restoration studies at IDEAS rethinks the concept of place from a cultural and community point of view by using the basis of architectural and design studies in order understand how human value is achieved in physical spaces.

SAS: School of Arts & Sciences

The School offers humanistic, artistic and scientific studies. Its position in Florence combines the city’s historic, world-changing achievements with contemporary innovations and challenges in order to cultivate the students’ culture of knowledge.

ISB: International School of Business

The School connects students to real-world situations and contexts and offers experiential learning opportunities with an international perspective, a broad and planned use of technology, an empirical instruction and partnerships with the local economy.

J SCHOOL: School of Journalism, Communication & Publishing

The School develops students’ communicative tools to uncover 
the surface of cultures, societies, and urban movement within Italian landscapes through its studies in Journalism, Communication and