We advise students that they are eligible to volunteer off-campus and we encourage students to add volunteer experience to their student life transcript.  We define ‘volunteering’ as donating time with an organization whose primary purpose is charitable or humanitarian in nature, without remuneration or any other type of compensation. This can be volunteer time at the West Seattle Food Bank, the Red Cross, Earth Corps clean up days, and through events sponsored by the IP Office.

If the volunteer experience is related to your program of study you will need to have authorization for Practical Training. Please speak with an international student advisor in the International Programs Office before starting a volunteer position.

International students also have opportunities to legally work or have internships off-campus through CPT (Curricular Practical Experience) or OPT (Optional Practical Experience). These opportunities for practical experience can be paid or unpaid, and must be related to the student’s program of study. In the case of CPT, students will register for a class that yields credit towards their degree. OPT is available to students after they complete a program of study at South.

You can find more information regarding CPT and OPT here: Off campus employment.