Transfer Out

Students that have applied and received acceptance from a SEVP-Approved college or university can apply to have their SEVIS record released to the new institution. Students that are currently in status and will begin school for the next available session or within 5 months, whichever is earlier, will be eligible for transfer. Students will need to complete the following transfer out procedures to have their SEVIS record released to the new institution:

  1. Submit a completed Transfer Out Form to the International Programs Office.
  2. Submit a copy of your acceptance letter to the SEVP-Approved institution

Reminder: Students that have graduated from South will need to complete the transfer out process during their 60 day grace period.

Transfer during Optional Practical Training (OPT)

If a student transfers out from South Seattle College to another SEVP-Approved school during the one year of OPT authorization this will cancel the student’s remaining eligibility to participate in OPT. The student will need to be approved by the new school for any additional employment.