Completion of Program

Upon completion of a student’s program of study they will have a 60 day grace period inside the United States. During a student’s 60 day grace period they have the following options:

  • Apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT)
  • Apply for a new program of study (Change of Education Level) at South
  • Transfer out to another SEVP approved institution
  • Prepare for departure from the United States

Students must apply for graduation with their international student advisor in the International Programs Office.

Grace Period for Authorized Early Withdraw

If a student decides to return to their home country before completing their program of study they should schedule an appointment to speak with an advisor in the International Programs Office. Students may be eligible for a 15 day grace period in the United States if approved for Authorized Early Withdraw.

Out of Status Students

If a student fails to maintain their status they are not eligible for an additional period for departure and must depart the United States immediately.