Who We Are

The International Advising Team offers both academic and immigration advising services designed help you reach your educational goals.

Current International Students can book appointments online here.

Prospective International Students please contact our International Admissions Team to learn how to apply to our school:, or call us at (206) 934-5360.

Check out our Advising Syllabus here!

Academic Advising Services available include:

  • Academic advising and program planning
  • Intensive English Program (IEP) advising
  • College transfer degree information
  • Professional/Technical degree information
  • Assistance with petitions for waivers and/or exceptions
  • Assistance with academic difficulty
  • Transfer Advising
  • Monitoring degree progress
  • Graduation applications
  • Educational planning

Immigration Advising Services available include:

  • How to maintain F-1 status
    • Academic progress
    • Reduced course load and vacation quarter requests
    • Travel
    • Transfer out
    • Lost or stolen documents
  • How to regain F-1 status
  • Employment
    • On campus
    • Off campus
    • Volunteering

Email the international advising team at
Not an international student? Please email