Future Students


We’re glad that you’re interested in attending South!

South Seattle College is an open-enrollment institution. We welcome students from all backgrounds, regardless of educational experience.

We are located near downtown Seattle, offering students a campus environment, quality programs and great student activities. All of our Associate degrees are designed to prepare students to easily transfer into a four-year Bachelor’s degree program. We also offer several career-focused professional/technical Associate degrees, and a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. International students can take advantage of our High School Completion Plus option. English proficiency is not required for admission.

International Students at South Seattle College can also take advantage of our Intensive English Program (IEP). IEP classes help students quickly build the English skills required for success in college-level classes.

South Seattle College is affordable - 60% less expensive than going directly to university! South Seattle College offers small class sizes, university and career advising, and personal attention from faculty and staff. Students at South can adjust to American culture in a friendly environment. To apply follow the South Seattle College International Student online application link.

Student Testimonials

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